For many white people the violence against the Black community is more than an issue of solidarity against outrageous injustice. Because of desegregation, even with its limits, especially working class Blacks & whites come into constant social contact with each other–in fewer instances as neighbors but most often as school & work mates. Romance & love come from all that. And friendships. And children.

In my very large family, I have several Black nieces & nephews & more Black cousins than I can count–most, not all of them living in the Minneapolis-St Paul area, most of them quite young, & all of them very beloved. So it is deeply troubling to me personally to read about the execution of Philando Castile in an area where my family members live & who now must feel like they’re under siege & in danger.

That’s true for many that Blacks are not an alien hostile species as portrayed by media but they are our babies, spouses, cousins, nieces, nephews, uncles, aunties, grandparents. We live with them, we fight with them, we love them.

One of my St. Paul cousins whose husband is Black posted this statement on her FB wall: “Told my husband that our son & himself need to blowup their license & registration cards & stick them to the dashboards of the vehicles so no need to make a move that might kill them!!!!!!! I’m serious, which is unfortunate.”

What the hell kind of world are we tolerating!?