Got called a Manichean today for criticizing the Dalai Lama’s Islamophobia & xenophobia. It’s been awhile since I was au courant on the different heresies so I had to look it up. It says Manicheans see things in black & white rather than contextualizing. Does contextualizing mean writing at great length & using big words to parse the rubbish coming out of the Dalai Lama’s mouth?

Don’t ask me to contextualize. It takes too long & bores me silly. Most of us detest equivocation. It’s easier to take sides with the oppressed & leave the mumbo-jumbo & apologetics to others. So you can call me Manichean but I’m betting the heresy is overcrowded. Either you stand with the oppressed or you blither on the sidelines contextualizing out of both sides of your ass. Most of us prefer justice.