75,000 forcibly disappeared in Syria since 2011

Syrian disappeared Aug 30 2017

75,000 have been forcibly disappeared in Syria since 2011 by regime authorities or by armed groups.

Amnesty has initiated a campaign to highlight disappearances in Syria at: https://tensofthousands.amnesty.org/reported-missing/where they posted these photos of Razan Zeitouneh, Wael Hamada, Samira Khalil & Nazem Hammadi who they described as “peaceful Syrian activists who worked at the Violations Documentation Centre (VDC), an NGO that monitors human rights violations in Syria. The four activists were deprived of their liberty after being abducted from the VDC offices in Duma, part of the Eastern Ghouta area which is under the effective control of armed opposition groups, in the evening of 9 December 2013 & have not been heard of since. One of the most powerful groups in the area at the time of the disappearance is Jaysh al-Islam, who have so far denied involvement with the crime & appear to have made no significant efforts to investigate what happened to the four activists.

Razan Zeitouneh is a Syrian human rights lawyer who worked predominantly on the cases of prisoners of conscience & other political prisoners & is long-term human rights activist. She established the VDC. Wael Hamada is an active human rights defender. Nazem Hammadi is a lawyer, poet & human rights activist. Samira Khalil is a renowned political activist & human rights defender who was a political prisoner by the Syrian government from 1987 to 1991.”

We protest forcible disappearances to stop the vile practice & to demand an accounting of every person disappeared by the Assad regime or by armed militias.