Probably because they’re terrified of the massive show of Black power, white supremacist males on social media are taking up the ‘George Floyd challenge’ where they pose in smiling photos of themselves with their knees on the neck of another ass to mock the death of George Floyd. It began in the UK & is now an internet trend in the US. Such mockery of the suffering of the oppressed is deranged but it is not original. Kashmiris well remember that a prominent BJP spokesperson & businessman put out tee-shirts with the inscription ‘Indian Army saving your ass whether you like it or not’ to honor Indian Army Major Gogoi who in 2017 tied Kashmiri Farooq Ahmad Dar to the hood of an army jeep & drove him around Badgam, Kashmir. The tee-shirt had a picture depicting Farooq tied to the jeep. The young man sustained a fracture on his shoulder & serious injuries to his back that caused him pain a year after the incident. His sister said the incident & humiliation shattered him physically & emotionally.
Mocking the suffering & deaths of the oppressed is a supremacist thing, a way for the blunt intellects of amoral racists & nationalists to establish equilibrium when they’re terrified of political resistance. It’s a way for them to feel they have the upper hand. The answer is not to arrest or ban these creeps from social media but to out-mobilize them & maximize their terror by organizing the political power of the Black community & of Kashmiris.
(Photo on left is some shameless dirtball taking the George Floyd challenge; photo on right in BJP tee-shirt mocking Farooq Ahmad Dar)