Call me ultra-left, but I have immense respect for the outrage & fearlessness of these protesters confronted by the trigger-happy Indian Army.

Per the colonizer's mouth piece named Aditya Raj Kaul, this is a video shot in Pulwom of the aftermath of Riyaz Naikoo's martyrdom. I posted a comment on Aditya Raj's page but the coward will most likely delete it so I'm posting a snapshot below.[Please note I do not Indianize beautiful Kashmiri names of our places. It's Pulwom not Pulwama; it's Balhom not Balhama; it's Handworr not Handwara; it's Tsodorr, not Chadoora; it's Tsandpur not Chandapora and so on and so forth. Be Proud and snatch back our Kashmir from the wretched hands of colonization starting with our language!]

Posted by Barkat Ahmad Tulla on Thursday, May 7, 2020