Since I do not like gratuitous violence, I avoid Quentin Tarantino films. In a lapse of judgement, I watched ‘Django Unchained’ now being streamed on Netflix. In the first fifteen minutes, I thought the film was another white savior monstrosity but it quickly morphed into a colonial & sustained indulgence in humiliating, degrading, & violating Blacks. The profligate use of the n-word was only one element in this vicious anthem to the hatred of whites toward Blacks & it added the treachery of basking in hatred of Black house slaves toward other slaves. At no time are Blacks shown with dignity but only as servile & obsequious or excessively violent. Tarantino took over two & a-half hours to express hatred for Black Americans under the guise of art. Why leading Black actors participated in this abomination can only be explained by hefty salaries & colossal bad judgement.