If adherents of fascism, Assadism, David Icke, & now the reactions to the coronavirus show us anything, it is the alarming rates of obscurantism & nihilism in our societies. In place of rigorous study or any study at all, too many substitute conspiracy thinking rooted in paranoia & white supremacy. A skin care consultant from Massachusetts named Kayla Gabriel came out of nowhere to get 21,000 likes & 57,000 shares talking about ‘a fucking virus that is not a pandemic by any means’. She wants us to challenge authority by coming out of our homes without masks & gloves & just go about our daily business. Being of skeptical mind myself, I like to vet everything. But the evidence from medical & science authorities is so overwhelming that only a fool would challenge it. Being skeptical is necessary but it is not the same thing as being paranoid.

Do 57,000 people really believe world capitalism would put the entire system into a tailspin just to manufacture a pandemic? To what purpose? Just to get us off the streets for several months? To accelerate repression, occupation, genocide when they were doing well enough without a pandemic & without harm to capitalism? Since we are electrical beings, is it possible that 5G masts facilitate the spread of coronavirus? Who knows? It’s a reasonable conjecture based on the integration of living species with a depleted over-electrified environment. Those are political questions as well as epidemiological ones. But only a fool would take just this time to challenge the hegemony of medicine & science in how to respond to the pandemic. Fools like Trump & Kayla Gabriel’s followers who march in recklessly where the wise fear to tread.

Stay safe. Stay in the damn house.