Some fellow tweeted that ‘It’s really shameful for anyone to politicize the corona outbreak. All are equal to this microbe which doesn’t differentiate between ethnicity, color, faith, rich, poor, master, servant, king, or guard.’ It’s a touching egalitarian sentiment but there isn’t a stitch of truth to it. Several celebrities got the virus & some even died but not before receiving the best medical care money can buy. What’s undeniably political about this pandemic is that it is highlighting the fault lines of inequality. When the majority in the US who contract & die from the illness are from the Black community, that is undeniably political. When political prisoners, refugees, the homeless, urban slum dwellers, minimum wage workers, & occupied nations who all lack proper medical care are threatened by this virus, that is undeniably political. Talking about the politics of this pandemic is not about cashing in on human suffering to build one’s own political current but about the realities many people insulate themselves from during normal times.