Bernie Sanders has dropped out of the race, in effect making Biden the candidate for the Democratic Party. That sucking sound you hear is the stampede of socialists lining up behind Biden or Howie Hawkins as the lesser evil guy. Sanders did not, as the NY Times reports, move the Democratic Party to the left any more than legions of socialists have after decades of being embedded in the party. Like in the past, the party moved the credulous left to the right & only succeeded in playing them just as it used Sanders to do in the 2016 election. In comparison to Clinton, Biden, & Trump, Sanders looks like a champion of the oppressed. But that only reflects the impoverished political & theoretical vision of the left, not the realities of Sanders. When a man says he is “100% pro-Israel” but supports Palestinians, you ought to be able to smell a scam. There are no electoral saviors from the wreckage of the barbaric phase of capitalism except our own actions on behalf of the oppressed.