Shehla Rashid (@Shehla_Rashid) tweeted: “There might be a reason why police states and authoritarian nations are able to contain this {coronavirus} better. Face with tears of joy In Delhi, they’re taking out processions and celebrating Corona festival. In Kashmir, strict compliance.”

What a mouthful of rubbish! How has she missed the militarization of coronavirus by the Indian occupying army in Kashmir? Is that what she means by ‘strict compliance’ with corona protocols? Why does she believe the Modi regime’s account of coronavirus in India or ignore its attempts to blame Indian Muslims for ‘coronajihad’? Has she read about how millions of Indian slum dwellers are imperiled by the virus? Does she think Chinese, Syrian, Russian, Israeli, Indian repression have done a great job of containing the virus or are those regimes lying through their teeth about the incidents of the virus in their countries?