Yesterday, the Assad regime reported Syria’s first official coronavirus case, a young woman who had traveled from the UK. Maybe now it will take coronavirus protocol seriously & prevent propagandists like Eva Bartlett from crossing the border & traveling around freely without screening. Iran has the highest reported number of coronavirus cases & deaths outside China, including the recent death of an Iranian general from coronavirus. But the Assad regime allows Iran to operate civilian flights of Shi’ite pilgrims from Iran to Damascus & continue to operate military flights carrying militia fighters to deploy in Syria’s war against the Syrian revolution. Iranian militia fighters also enter Syria using border crossings with Iraq. Whilst many demand the US end sanctions against Iran that might impact healthcare in this epidemic, it is also necessary to demand that Iran stop sending fighters to Syria who have probably not been screened for coronavirus. The counterrevolution endangers Iraqis & Syrians, especially the refugee population who have no medical care.

(Photo is Syrian boy in IDP camp near Atme town in Idlib province by Aaref Watad/AFP.)