It’s unclear why the NY Times dragged out Indian-American Yudhijit Bhattacharjee to write this piece of rubbish about the existential threat of terrorism in Kashmir. It’s unclear not only because our man is mostly a science writer with no apparent credentials in political writing but also because he frames terrorism as part of a territorial dispute between Pakistan & India & completely leaves out the Kashmiri struggle for self-determination & the presence of one-million Indian troops in Kashmir.

As a result of Kashmiri presence on social media, the news blackout that had prevailed for decades was overcome because media had to get ahead of the narrative to serve their own political purposes. Since the 2016 uprising in Kashmir, the use of pellet guns & the lockdown of Kashmir last year until now were treated somewhat honestly in media, including the NY Times. But the grisly & Islamophobic ‘war on terror’ narrative has become indispensable to US, European, & other nation’s foreign policy. This guy’s piece is not just accidental but may signal a shift in media coverage of the Kashmiri struggle. That matters more because of how Kashmiri access to social media is being truncated. We cannot let them hijack the narrative & twist the Kashmiri struggle for freedom into an Indian fight against Pakistani-sponsored terrorism. According to reputable Kashmiri human rights activists, the number of armed militants in Kashmir was under 200 people in 2016 & since then the Indian Army has boasted that hundreds of them were killed in almost daily hunt to kill operations. However many there are, they do not represent the character of the Kashmiri movement which is massive, popular, & unarmed.