#Coronavirus #Kashmir
At the time of global crisis and emergency, the governments across the counties are trying their best to keep the citizens aware, save their lives, pass on essential information via different (Internet) platforms like social media, blogs, web-portals, news websites, videos, EXCEPT KASHMIR. Instead of appeals from the different countries, organizations including the Amnesty International, the government has refused to resume 3g/4g services in #KASHMIR putting lives of 8 million people in danger.

School and college students across the globe can access online classes, learning, lessons, lectures, study material except KASHMIRI kids and college students.

People across the globe have started working from their homes except KASHMIRIS, courtesy #Internet.

Due to the COVID19 pandemic, restrictions are imposed across the globe, but no where in the world, except KASHMIR, you will see barbed wires, people being stopped and frisked by gun-wielding soldiers and policemen holding pellet guns.
#Kashmir #COVID19

Ashraf Bhat