“Call me anything tonight, i won’t bow down

I’ve lived for a dream of a land
Full of morning flowers, sunflowers & sunshine
Mountains and meadows; and not of barbed wires

In the cells of Tihar I plead my case
I shout out of windows the cries for freedom
The moment Muezzin calls from mosques

I’ll live to see my people free again!
The story of oppression may not be over yet
But I resist to tell the oppressors
We live for freedom! We die for freedom
No matter how much you cage us
The soul is restless; I ll see you again
My people! Nothing breaks our cause
We have pledged! Azadi and Azadi
Every Martyr is a witness; every mother knows it
The rage inside my heart churns every now and then
To inch for our freedom every moment
The blood of our people that has spilled

We’ll come back for our land; for our freedom!

Confined in the dark corners of Tihar
I get stronger every moment
For I know we’ll overpower the oppressors

My people! My mother! My daughter! We’ll have noon chai again
In the land of Reshis & saints ;
I’ll stand atop on zabarwan hills casting a look at my Kashmir
No more ensnarled with barbed wires

My mother! I’ll come back for my people
Tell her we have a long fight to win
For we all have seen a dream
We’ll live to have our freedom back
O Azadi! I shout Azadi; Our love Azadi

–Kashmiri poet Jannat Malik via Mohammad Altaf