It still fries me that so many Kashmiri activists were deleted from Facebook during the height of the lockdown. Jaina Maina is one whose campaigning & beautiful memes were important for months in educating about Kashmir. They questioned her pseudonym though she could damn well prove her identity. The use of pseudonyms are widespread now that employers snoop around social media to see what their employees are up to & what they think. They never took down ‘Honey Moon’ or ‘Sugar Pie” which are obviously false but only deleted political activists.

They tried to silence all Kashmiris but in the lockdown Kashmiris in diaspora & Kashmiri supporters stepped into the breach. In the process of trying to silence Kashmiris, India internationalized the Kashmiri struggle & drove forward the emergence of a solidarity movement. Nothing India does anymore, even with the help of its censors, will silence the voices of Kashmiri resistance.