In an act of supreme recklessness, the Trump regime has blocked US states from using Medicaid to respond to the coronavirus pandemic. Medicaid is a federal program to address the medical needs of those with disability, the elderly, & the poor who are primarily Black, women, children, & rural. This action would also prevent states from setting up emergency clinics to quarantine & care for the homeless who are at high risk from the virus.

The woman in this photo with Trump is Seema Verma, the federal official appointed by Trump to administer Medicare & Medicaid, first by slashing services to the elderly, disabled, & poor & by reducing the number of those eligible to receive services. She is considered a sociopath perfectly suited to the job & is herself under investigation for spending $2.25 million of Health & Human Services money to hire image consultants. In her interviews with Fox News, CNN, & other media, she is evasive & dishonest but makes it entirely evident that the Trump regime has no plan to deal with hospital, clinic, equipment, & personnel shortages except to deny services to the most vulnerable.