“Reports say 2387 detained or arrested under 700 cases by Delhi Police, with this number growing every hour. These are mostly young Muslim boys whose friends got killed, maimed, their houses burnt in the pogrom that has displaced around 3000 people. Those who planned it roam free and get their security enhanced. Those who openly and tacitly supported this go unchecked. This organized harassment by the establishment must stop.

The Delhi pogrom was effected in a cynically planned manner to crush and distort the ongoing democratic movement and conversations around CAA NPR NRC. So that possibilities of it’s democratic extension to all social bases and the dispossessed are curtailed. By mixing the poison of communal hatred and tearing down age old inter community solidarities. This won’t be allowed to happen, which much more people on the ground – in brutalized areas in north Delhi as well as in ongoing protests across the country – are continuing to show today with resilience and solidarity, than these anti-human forces can ever mobilize.”

–Nayan Jyoti via Sambhav K S