The Indian propaganda machine is promoting Kashmiri Syed Tehmeena to talk about how the abrogation of Article 370 will advance women’s rights in Kashmir. Using women to buttress ‘war on terror’ ideology is so banal & clich├ęd but it has also proven effective in roping in feminists to support US-NATO wars. Tehmeena may see participating in this con game as a way to make a name for herself or she may just have stinking rotten politics. But we can be sure that India will be holding these kind of conferences at academic & scholarly venues to peddle their line on Kashmir. That makes our educational work so much more important. There are plenty of Kashmiri academics & activists who can speak cogently to the realities of Article 370 & the issue of self-determination & we need to avail ourselves of their expertise to counter India’s propaganda initiatives.

SRINAGAR: A Kashmiri woman has hailed the abrogation of Article 370 and asserted it ended the discrimination with the Kashmiri women. She has said that in pre-August 2019 Kashmir, women marrying non-state subjects were deprived of their inheritance.