“The pogrom begins. Muslims are killed and butchered and burnt alive. Their homes, shops are looted. The entire police force of the state ensures that those killing are provided with all sorts of ammunitions and armours and safety. This goes on for days.

Liberals find a Muslim scapegoat and paint him as someone who was involved in violence. The whole anti Muslim pogrom becomes a clash. Then isolated stories of Hindus helping Muslims are strategically used.

The whole incident now becomes a clash started by bad people of both the communities while the good people of both the communities are in total love with each other.

The state sponsored, state led, well crafted anti Muslim pogrom is reduced to a clash between two communities. Liberals are the part of the problem. Rajdeeps and Barkhas are no better than Kapils and Amits. NDTVs and Republics come on same page.”

–Sharjeel Usmani