In reporting on the Hindutva pogrom against Muslims in Delhi, the National Herald of India reports: “The cause of the violence is believed to be a clash between pro and anti-CAA protesters.” The Gujarat pogrom against Muslims in 2002, when Modi was Chief Minister of the state, was reported in media & went down in history as the ‘Gujarat riots’ & was described as ‘communal conflict’. But in the age of social media, characterizing the pogrom against Muslims in Delhi as riots, communal violence, or a story with two sides won’t be so easy to pull off. Social media makes millions of people witness to events through photos, videos, & on the scene reports. As so many Kashmiris, Indians, & others have pointed out, there is no equality between Hindutva mobs & Muslims who are being hunted, assaulted, killed, torched in their homes & shops, their mosques vandalized.