Remembering Kunan Poshpora: 29 years ago today, a special unit of the Indian Army entered the twin villages of Kunan & Poshpora, Kashmir. They took all of the men out of their homes where they tortured & assaulted them. About 100 women, from the ages of 13 to 80, including those with disabilities & those who were pregnant, were brutally gang raped. Mothers & grandmothers raped in front of their children, children raped in front of their mothers & grandmothers. There has never been justice for the men & women of Kunan Poshpora because rape is an orchestrated weapon of war in occupied Kashmir.

Kashmiri women have documented this monstrous human rights & women’s right crime & are leading the international struggle against armies using rape as a method of social domination in war & occupation. They have not ceased to demand justice from the Indian Army & government, including the prosecution of the 125 army personnel involved.

Commemorating Kunan Poshpora is not just to share the grief but to stand with those demanding the Indian Army answer for these crimes in a court of law, an international court if that is necessary.


Posted by Voice Of People on Sunday, February 23, 2020