This is a lovely tribute to a food vender in Kashmir known for his kindness to children, by Aahil Asif:

“Situated in Aali kadal, one of the corners in the heart of Kashmir where I lived my boyhood, here like every other locality in Kashmir, you would find carefree kids chuckling around, giggling, trespassing in-between the typical fence-free lawns of Kashmiri homes breached only by a leap or two from a kid. Their voices filled with joy. These rare happiness pulses were probably the only exceptions that tried to disturb the persistent gloomy ambience around.

This Gentleman, who I rated the most kind hearted person I had ever come across, often offered fried snacks free to kids, who could barely afford such delicacies in those days. I would often stand in front close to him. The richness of heart is far beyond the riches of the people of the throne. Honestly! these people are a class of its own and always remain envy of my heart.”