Without ever saying one word about the slaughter of civilians in Syria but instead supporting the Assad dictatorship, including Russian, Iranian, & Hezbollah military intervention, Tariq Ali has posted the detestable article by Robert F. Worth in the NY Review of Books titled “And the Oscar Goes to… A Simplified Story of Syria’s Civil War.” In criticism of the films “For Sama” & “The Cave”, Worth impugns the Syrian uprising against the Assad regime as ‘jihadist’ & claims ” no side has a claim to righteousness” in the struggle of the Syrian people against a dictatorship & police state.

Ali, who posts the rubbish of fascist Eva Bartlett as the gospel truth, has likely not watched either “For Sama” or “The Cave”, about which Worth is writing his scurrilous accusations. Judging from his posts over the past several years, it is unlikely Oxford-educated Ali has read a single article, let alone a book, by Syrians & reputable journalists about the Syrian Arab Spring. Ali has chosen to stand with the counterrevolution in Syria, with the Assad dictatorship in defense of a police state. His lazy ignorance is no excuse nor can it be forgiven since the lives of millions of Syrians, Iraqis, & Palestinians are at stake.

Ali lost his political bearings a long time ago & is almost inertial in the laziness of his scholarship. If you are relying on Bartlett, a paid propagandist for Assad & Putin who is also a fascist disciple of David Icke, for your understanding of the Syrian uprising rather than the voices of Syrian revolutionists, you should consider openly admitting you no longer give a rat’s ass about politics even though it pays good honoraria. Show some political integrity. We no longer want to hear what you have to say about anything.