Evo psycho has become somewhat entrenched in media & academia since it so well serves the status quo to believe that inequality, racism, women-hating, capitalism, & other crap is dictated by human genes. But in my youth, when it was known as sociobiology, it was vigorously contested by politically articulate & astute scientists & polemicists like Stephen J. Gould (now deceased), Richard Levins, Richard Lewontin, Leon Kamin, Steven Rose, Hilary Rose, Ruth Hubbard, & many genetic scientists–most of whom are deceased or retired & most of whom identified with socialism. Gould & Lewontin in particular held public debates at Harvard & elsewhere with sociobiologists like E.O. Wilson, also a professor at Harvard. Most of these scientists have written very powerful books refuting sociobiology/evo psycho & many of their articles & polemics are available online.

Harvard was for a period the bastion of opposition to evo psycho but has now become a bastion of evo psychoism where Steven Pinker weaves his longwinded, misanthropic tracts about our genes. All of the polemics written by those opposed to evo psycho are brilliant analyses of how science is misused to serve power politics but if one has to choose, Gould would be first among them though he is not as polemically merciless as Lewontin & the others. I report this not to show off my library but because understanding the pernicious influence of evo psychoism is essential to the struggle against inequality & oppression.