Those who have fallen for Assadist propaganda might come to their senses if they read some of the analyses written by Syrians & other journalists on the character of the Assad dictatorship, the Syrian Arab Spring & the counterrevolution against it. Syrian voices must be allowed to speak for themselves rather than be usurped by paid propagandists who by their very political nature suck up to oppressive state power. Global Research, Grayzone, & Mint Press are propaganda sheets & do not constitute research about the Arab Spring which they have always opposed.

When socialist grouplets justified their support for counterrevolution, one sent me an article supporting Russian military intervention, others told me the US antiwar movement is concerned only with US militarism, & another sent me a long piece filled with maps & quotes from Lenin that had nothing to do with the situation in Syria. Out of several pages of his defense for counterrevolution, no journalistic accounts & scholarship about Syria were once mentioned except for the very last sentence which said, ‘Syria is a nation-state; therefore we defend it against US imperialism’. Was there ever greater evidence of theoretical & political corruption than drawing analysis from scripture rather than from the realities of social struggle against a police state!?