Navajo artist Remy, with the help of the Red Nation-Santa Fe, restored the Palestine Murals that had been vandalized. Haseeb Rahman recently visited the murals in Santa Fe with his wife & two young daughters & posted photos of his girls with them. Last month the owner of the wall where the several murals are pasted was ordered by city officials to remove them alleging that they violated city codes. The order is under appeal by the owner.

A local Zionist leader, combining Zionist falsification of history with insulting Native Americans, claimed Remy does not understand colonialism, that the comparison with Native American struggles in the US is “unfortunate propaganda” & “not factually correct” because Jews are Indigenous to Palestine. The Red Nation-Santa Fe responded with a statement in solidarity with Palestinians & with Remy, saying: “This is Tewa land. You are colonizers on Native Land, here & in Palestine.” Remy responded: “There were a lot of connections we were making in terms of our indigenous struggles….To the racists who tried to destroy the images of indigenous struggle while living on stolen Tewa land: this was never about a single wall in your bourgeoise, upper class, institutional art city. Our resistance is global, therefore, so are we.”

Yesterday, February 15th, the Red Nation-Santa Fe held a ‘Resist Them’ rally in Santa Fe in solidarity with Palestinians & to protest the city order to remove the murals.

Resist Them, My People rally in Santa Fe, February 15th, 2020:

remy & trn-s.fe sponsoring a reinstallation of the beautiful palestine solidarity mural that some creep zionist destroyed in the night

Posted by Melissa Tso on Saturday, February 15, 2020