Another excellent educational video from Toronto For Kashmir via Kashmir the burning paradise.

What is "Normalcy" in Kashmir? For decades now Kashmiris have been wondering what is "normalcy?" Majority of Kashmiris don’t know what a normal life looks like. Abnormal has become a new normal in Kashmir. What might be considered a horrific day in any other part of the world is considered a normal day in Kashmir.While Indian media and government is busy projecting "normalcy" in Kashmir, Kashmiris live a life far away from what one can call a “Normal life”. The Indian government is trying to project Normalcy in Kashmir post abrogation of Article 370. But, Kashmiris have been demanding basic rights and normalcy for several decades now. Since the 1990s, Kashmir has witnessed extrajudicial killings, rapes, massacres, unlawful detentions, and draconian laws like: AFSPA and PSA which are used to suppress dissent and voices of the people. Post abrogation of Article 370, Kashmir got a little bit of world attention due to the Indian government’s inhumane and undemocratic approach towards Kashmiris, but Kashmiri voices have been ignored for decades now by UN and international community at large.Although, Kashmiris don’t have any high hopes from international community or UN, still it is unfortunate and disheartening for Kashmiris to see international delegates visiting Kashmir. They are enjoying boat rides in high security, while Kashmiris are caged and threatened in their own homes. People who don’t belong to Kashmir can come to Kashmir and enjoy their time there amid tight security, but Kashmiris fear for their lives at every day, every step, and at every second. These attempts of claiming normalcy while violating several human rights is an attempt to cover up the truth and suffering of Kashmiris. #EndTheOccupation #KashmirStillUnderSiege #ResistToExist #LetKashmirSpeak

Posted by Kashmir the burinng paradise on Thursday, February 13, 2020