Tahir Qadiry, the Afghan diplomat who claimed he saw Kashmiri children walking to school today even though the schools are closed, posted several vainglorious photos of himself during the Kashmir tour. He posted this photo saying the 22 member diplomatic delegation are here meeting with ‘traders, businesswomen & entrepreneurs in Srinagar about the status of business & tourism in J&K’. There are only 25 discernible people present in this room so, excluding the 22 members of the delegation, that would mean they met with exactly three ‘traders, businesswomen & entrepreneurs’. The boredom on the faces here? Priceless.

(PS: he corrected himself in another tweet, saying there were 25 foreign diplomats on the delegation. So they met with no ‘traders, businesswomen & entrepreneurs’.)

(Photo tweeted by Tahir Qadiry)