“Draconian law PSA has destroyed many lives in Kashmir, the collaborator class has always been complicit in using these laws for criminalising dissent in Kashmir. A ‘civil servant’ who was the darling of administration called this very draconian law as “bread and butter” of District Commisioners. Today when the erstwhile Collaborators in Chief aka Chief Ministers find themselves booked under PSA albeit with posh facilities no one in Kashmir seems to give a f***. Ironically it seems PSA against the old collaborators is meant to give an aura of credibility to their quite bloody and treacherous politics. They seem to be playing a waiting game till the opportune time arrives, meanwhile allowing a newer breed of collaborators to play the dirty game. They will be out soon to micromanage the occupation and backstab Kashmiris as that is the only way they have earned their bread and butter.”

–Mir Laieeq whose polemical force has not been blunted by nearly six months of lockdown