“Some years ago, on a Friday, I visited my father in jail. He was ill, so goodbye was more difficult than usual and our hug was longer. On my way home, I wished life was normal. On the streets, I gazed at kids holding the hands of their fathers, laughing and playing. Envy pervaded my heart. On reaching home, my brother told me that some guests had come. I ran to the guestroom. “Meet Ghalib, Ahmed.” My mother told me, as she kissed my forehead. Ghalib. Afzal Guru’s son. I looked at him. He greeted me with a smile that I haven’t been able to forget for all these years. Here’s a boy who can’t see his father, who has no prison to go to, who can’t even sit at his father’s grave. Today, we pray for his well-being, courage, and patience. We pray for our liberation.”

–Kashmiri Ahmed Bin Qasim, whose mother & father are both political prisoners.