The indifference of Assadists toward the plight of Palestinian refugees in Syria, including hundreds tortured & executed in Assad’s gulag, is directly linked to the anti-Semitism that is such a central part of Assadist ideology along with Islamophobia. Recently, there was a post lying about how the Assad regime protects Syrian Jews from persecution. In fact, there is substantial available research about the Assad dynasty’s systematic persecution of Syrian Jews going back decades. When laws were passed making it possible for Jews to leave Syria, tens of thousands fled into exile to other countries. The last 18 Syrian Jews left Aleppo just before its fall to Syrian, Russian, & Iranian forces in December 2016. That mass exodus would not speak to respect & tolerance for Judaism but to exclusion & persecution. That is one of the very things that makes Syria & the Assad regime so appealing to so many anti-Semites & fascists like David Icke, David Duke, & Eva Bartlett. Their support for Palestinians is predicated on hostility to Jews, not commitment to Palestinian justice.