Kashmiri friends: if India does succeed in shutting us off from each other again, at least now you know a solidarity movement emerged of tens of thousands all over the world to stand with you led by Kashmiris in diaspora. As a journalist put it, the issue of Kashmiri self-determination has become ‘internationalized’. The brutal occupation is no longer India’s dirty secret. Many governments seemed to think India had gone too far & jeopardized other military & economic engagements.

When you were gone, social media was like a ghost town. We dearly missed your polemics, insights, analyses, sarcasms & wit. We dread that you might be put under internet lockdown again & are deeply fearful & saddened by what you are being put through. But if that happens we will work our hardest to keep your struggle a preeminent political concern & will continue to actively build a movement to stand with you against Indian fascism.

As your commitment to azaadi is undaunted by the lockdown, so is our confidence that you will achieve it. We also think it possible that the best tech experts that India employs to shut you down will not be a match for the tech-savvy young of Kashmir.