It’s one thing to oppose US assassination of the Iranian general (even though he was a war criminal) & war-mongering against Iran. That’s a political imperative. But it is another thing entirely to denounce criticism of the Iranian theocracy & whitewash its repressive character when it jails Iranian women for refusing to wear the veil & for fighting for women’s rights; publicly hangs young men for being homosexual; gives draconian prison terms to human rights & environmental activists; denies Kurds the rights of self-determination; engages in terrorist death squads against the Syrian Arab Spring & against Iraqis.

If you cannot make the distinction between a repressive regime & its citizens, maybe you ought to pick up some books & inform yourself before you go all crocodile tears for the Iranian theocracy. Democracy cannot tolerate a Shia-only state any more than it can accept a Jewish, Buddhist, Christian, or Hindu-only state. It is necessary to oppose US war-mongering against Iran as part of standing with Iranian citizens against political repression.