“Parody of a rogue government that terrorises its citizens being scared of every individual is evident at airport security checks today. A paranoid CISF literally makes passengers remove their belts and shoes – leaving one wondering whether the next level would be stripping passengers completely.

Not satisfied, the person patting passengers down literally gropes them. The guy actually put his hands into the trousers of the passenger ahead of me as he winced!

The ordeal doesn’t end there. Just before boarding, another bunch of CISF personnel open and poke through your luggage. After mine had disturbed my bag arrangement, she couldn’t close the bag. I stood back and told her to organise it or I wouldn’t board the plane, much to her and other co passengers chagrin. But she had to relent finally.

The foreigner behind me holding a light blue passport was bemused.

Of course the government can’t trust people that it mistreats on a daily basis!”

–Indian Bobby Kunhu