The Burmese government has already rejected the International Court of Justice (ICJ) ruling which mandates Suu Kyi & the generals to ‘prevent genocidal acts, ensure military & police forces do not commit genocidal acts, preserve all evidence of genocidal acts, & report on compliance with these provisional measures’. The ICJ has no means of enforcing their ruling & Burma will certainly ignore it. But politically, it strengthens the Rohingya & puts them in a more forceful position to advance their struggle against genocide & for full human, civil, & democratic rights in Burma. With the authority of the ICJ behind them, they can demand governments impose strict sanctions on Burma ending the sale of arms to Burma & any kind of military support or training. The boycott of Burma called by Rohingya activists gains traction in demanding international corporations withdraw their billions in investments & end their joint venture projects with the military.

Strengthening the Rohingya movement can also strengthen that of the Uyghur, Kashmiris, Indian Muslims since China & India are up to their eyeballs in investment & joint venture projects in Burma as well as in rendering diplomatic & military support to Suu Kyi & the generals.