“- 14 million Indian tourists can dance in Kashmir each year
– 1 million Indian army can remain entrenched in Kashmir
– 3 Lac Amarnath yatris can enter Kashmir each year
– 36 dirty ministers of BJP can enter Kashmir
– Darbar move employees from Jammu can enter Kashmir
– Subversive IAS cadre from India can be placed in Kashmir for espionage
– Seasonal labourers from Bihar and other states can enter Kashmir
– Bollywood actors can enter Kashmir

But Kashmiri Pandits must only make calculations of entry: the distance, the speed, the angular velocity, the escape velocity, the tangent, the cosine, the correlation coefficient, the calculus of it, the politics of it, religion, drama, the poetry, the romance, the emotion of it, how cold it is, how hot it is, who to curse, how to wail, tweet about it, in the toilet, at work, at the atm, and on and on and on.

Keep calculating! I think it is working.”

–Kashmiri Jahangir Raina