India is using all its technical resources to restore the internet in Kashmir without access to social media. That’s not because Kashmiris used social media to swap recipes or showcase photos of their kids but because they used social media to educate the world about the character of their freedom struggle. They broke the international news blackout & India can only manage its criminal occupation under the cover of secrecy.

There has been no news from Kashmir for the past few months of the now five month lockdown. We know India made it extremely difficult for international journalists & dangerous for Kashmiri journalists to operate. How can you file a report with only a handful of computers with internet access? How do you dare report from the field when you could get hit with pellet guns or get the crap kicked out of you by soldiers? Much of our information from Kashmir came from teams of Indian human rights investigators who traveled there after the lockdown. Are they now denied access or is it too dangerous for them to go there? There was a recent unverified report that international journalists are no longer allowed in Kashmir but those from major media may also be too afraid to go there.