Yesterday, Bharatiya Janata Party National General Secretary Ram Madhav, with a BJP scarf around his neck, said Adolf Hitler & Benito Mussolini were the “products of democracy”. Tulsi Gabbard often proudly flaunts that BJP scarf around her neck. She & Sanders the Zionist are the preferred candidates of Assadists & Stalinists. Socialists are gung-ho for Sanders. When I recently objected to the Islamophobia, xenophobia, & racism of Slavoj Zizek, I was told that ‘Marxists’ give him ‘conditional support’. That must be what they’re doing with Gabbard & Sanders: ignoring their supremacist, rightwing views, their Islamophobia, xenophobia against refugees, & racism in deference to electoral rhetoric. There is no such thing in principled socialist politics as ‘conditional support’ to supremacists. We call that compromise, capitulation, collusion, finding common ground.