There is a current of academic socialists–some feminists, others who oppose feminism as identity politics–who consider themselves avant-garde thinkers by completely capitulating to patriarchy & misogyny. They write uninformed, smug, elitist, dishonest, incoherent tracts calling for the complete decriminalization of prostitution, no laws against human trafficking for sex or labor, surrogacy. These mostly white, privileged women seem to take pride in flouting feminism in the name of declassed, impoverished, immigrant, Black & brown women even whilst they ignore the voices of those women. They want every part of a woman’s body commodified, including her womb, her vagina, her soul. They want the sacred bonds of a mother with child reduced to a commercial exchange.

To pull this loathsome scam off, these socialists, with their entourage of slobbering halfwitted males, have to keep things ‘theoretical’, can’t actually examine the merciless realities of prostitution, trafficking, surrogacy for women & children, have to deny that children are involved at all. At the bottom of all this is a deep hatred & disrespect for women, especially those who are oppressed. If it’s not good enough for their Ivy League-educated asses or their daughters, it’s not good enough for the rest of us. Even the poorest & most oppressed women have dreams that do not include making themselves or their children commodities in fear for their lives.