“On July 11, 2016, more than 40 men from the upper caste Darbar community assaulted seven members of the Sarvaiya family for skinning a dead cow in Gir Somnath district’s Una town. The Sarvaiyas were leather tanners & skinning dead cattle was part of their traditional occupation. But the assailants accused them of cow slaughter. During the attack, four of the Sarvaiya brothers were stripped, tied to the back of a car & beaten with sticks & iron rods, while some of the attackers filmed the assault.”

Now, Vashram Sarvaiya, one of the Dalit victims of the incident, has asked the president of India to deport him & his brothers to a country where they will not face discrimination. He told the president that the incident deprived them of their fundamental rights & livelihood & that if they are not deported they should be allowed to choose euthanasia. He also threatened that the victims will immolate themselves outside the presidential palace in New Delhi