“Indian propaganda TV channel Times Now is running a story on Free Kashmir graffiti spotted among the anti-CAA-NRC-NPR graffiti, which it attributes to “miscreants who sneaked in at night”. From JNU 2016 to now, it has been obvious that the greatest weapon of Hindu fascism against anti-fascists is not Hindutva, but Indian nationalism based on the statist fantasy that “Kashmir is an integral part of India”. Fascism will win every battle in India so long as the majority of people are vulnerable to being turned against those who can be accused of supporting Kashmiri self-determination. It’s high time anti-BJP/RSS sections of the Indian people understood this reality, and acknowledged the fact that Azadi for Kashmir is the defining anti-fascist task in India. Without this necessary leap in political consciousness among the opponents of Hindutva, they have little chance of surviving the fascist regime.”

–Satyadeep Satya