Khaled Mohammed reports that an 89-year-old German man in the city of Zwickau rammed his car three times into the car of a pregnant Muslim woman, dragged her out of the car & screamed “foreigners out!” at her. He was fined only 360€ ($400 US dollars) & will get his license back in three months.

Portraying Muslims as terrorists is an ubiquitous influence in media & cinema–as ubiquitous as the portrayal of all Blacks as jive-talking hookers, pimps, & drug dealers. The 89-year-old German is old enough to be corrupted by Nazi ideology but the modern times war propagandists are attempting to teach a whole new generation to see Muslims as bombers as we have been taught to see all Blacks as lumpen lowlives. It is politically imperative to reject every aspect of ‘war on terror’ ideology used to justify persecution, war, occupation, genocide. Just as we must reject ‘war on drugs’ ideology used to justify shooting down & mass incarceration of Black kids, & the abridgment of the Bill of Rights in the Black community.