The Assadist & Stalinist cult has remained silent about the protests in Iraq & vilified the Lebanese protests because the protests are opposed & being attacked by Iran-supported Hezbollah who also has militias on the ground against the Syrian Arab Spring. All the cult is agitated about now is making Qassem Suleimani a ‘war hero’, the threat of US war against Iran, & the forensics of the Iranian downing of the Ukrainian passenger plane to justify Iran’s actions. At the news of renewed protests in Iran against the theocratic regime, the cult is dragging out old news to discredit the protesters.

The silence about the Iraqi protests is indicative of panic, disarray, getting caught red-handed in their labyrinth of Islamophobic & anti-Semitic lies about the character of Iranian intervention in Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen. To malign the Iraqi protesters as ‘Wahhabi/Salafi al-Qaeda affiliated jihadists’ is not beneath them but it won’t be easy to pull off.

Rebuilding a principled antiwar movement is imperative but that won’t originate from the ashes of the Assadist & Stalinist cult that usurped the international antiwar movement. It is Iraqis, Syrians, Kashmiris, supporters of Indian Muslims, Uyghur, Afghans, Yemenis, & others who lead the resurgence of the antiwar movement because they best understand the political forces operating against them. To understand the Iraqi protests, follow Iraqi commentators & their supporters on social media & ignore the Assadist confederation of fools.