Wall Street Journal reporter Sadanand Dhume (@dhume) tweeted: “India’s protest movement has a problem: Muslim identity entrepreneurs want to give it a religious tinge to boost their own narrow prospects. They may succeed in this, but only at the cost of destroying the movement itself.”

Not willing to leave bad enough alone, he added: “An identity entrepreneur is someone who seeks political support based purely on their belonging to a particular identity group—such as a religion or caste. Here I’m referring to Muslim activists who wish to raise their profiles among Muslims by appealing explicitly to faith.”

The majority of protesters are Muslim because they are the ones being disenfranchised & made stateless. How could this privileged, well-educated Brahmin ass misunderstand that? The idiocy of his comments highlights the political bankruptcy of those who denounce ‘identity politics’ as divisive. Under the guise of unity, they demand capitulation of the oppressed to the dominant political, gender, religious, ethnic group.