A father thrown between bouts of wailing for the death of his daughter and pure silent shock. What is left of her body, her torso, head and one arm, is lying in front of him in what remains of their home. She couldn’t have been more than 6 years old.

Another father rushed into an ambulance, bleeding from his nose and mouth while trying to recite the Shahada, his declaration of faith, anticipating death. His child is screaming at him in the background begging him to stay with them. “For God’s sake, don’t leave baba!” repeated almost nonstop while they rush him to a makeshift hospital.

A family loses their young angel of a daughter while fleeing their home. They lost sight of each other and the 4 year old could not find her parents in the chaos, madness and darkness of the cold night. She was found 4 days later, starved and alone. She died on her own, a sweet face that has never known anything but the madness of a dictator commanding rivers of refugees dying of thirst, fear, hunger while their blood continues to feed the soil of his kingdom of horrors.

I spare you the images. Let them rest with whatever dignity is left in their torn lives. Words are enough.”

–Khaled Mohammed