This debate between Norman Finkelstein & Mehdi Hasan on the bantustate (two-state) solution for Palestinians was in 2014 not long after Finkelstein’s political stature tanked for opposing BDS as ‘a cult’ & expressing disdain for Palestinians. In response to a Palestinian at this debate who asked if he was ‘pro-Palestinian’, Finkelstein said, “Absolutely not. I’m pro-justice. I have no interest in Palestine”. He continues to write about Israeli aggression against Palestinians but with such contempt & indifference it’s hard to take anything he says seriously even though he has paid a tremendous price for his criticisms of Israel & his cogent writings on how the holocaust is manipulated by Zionists to promote colonialism.

Finkelstein has continued to decline politically & is now campaigning for Sanders in the US elections whilst promoting Nasrallah, the head of Hezbollah in Lebanon, who has terrorist militias in Syria working with Syria, Iran, Russia to destroy the Syrian Arab Spring. Finkelstein, as a Zionist, calls for Israeli self-determination just as Assadists & Stalinists call for self-determination for the Assad regime.

Even though Israeli officials acknowledged that the bantustate solution was never a serious proposal but merely a temporizing ploy, many continue to promote it when it is now clear that Israeli strategy is genocide, not bantustates. This debate is nearly six years old but still quite relevant.