“A few days ago I wrote that there is not much left to India and some people took an offense to that statement. I was asked to open my eyes. I had made that statement with eyes wide open and once again I see a diminished India whose very idea of idealism has been obliterated.

Look at those vice-chancellors running the so-called premier centers of education. One would have a hard time in differentiating between janitors and vice-chancellors. Look at those highest army generals who seem to be clones of RSS functionaries.

Look at those judges of the supreme court who put even khap panchayats to shame. I have seen the supreme court justices tearing down the laws made by the all powerful Indira Gandhi government. I have seen them declaring constitutional amendments passed by Indian parliament null and void because those would alter the basic structure of the constitution. I have seen judges pulling government merely based on news reports. Never did I see a judge indulging in banal rhetoric.

Look at those editors of newspapers who get drenched in their sweats while addressing Modi. I have seen editors like Frank Moraes and S. Mulgaonkar eviscerating governments of the day in their editorials and firing their journalists whom they perceived to be getting too cozy with government officials.

Is still there much left to India. How did that happen? It happened as the country discarded idealism and embarked on the notion of obscurantist nationalism and patriotism even if that meant unleashing atrocities against its own people. The excesses committed in the name of national integration in Kashmir and other places are being repeated everywhere. But no one can understand what India did in Kashmir in the name of that nationalism.

Once army generals would be war heroes and now they originate from the ranks of those who commit crimes against civilians of India itself. Is India still intact?”

–Rajiv Kumar