It’s not clear to moochocracy-haters why Harry Windsor deserves high praise for wanting to get off the dole & get gainful employment. The guy is 35-years-old. Isn’t it time he got a job & stopped partying & going from vacation to vacation? By the time I was 35, I’d already been working for pay over 22 years. Would you want to hang around a family of such disreputable characters, including grandma who talks in non sequiturs & trifectas, William with a royal pole stuck up his ass, flatulent, imperious, racist grandpa, & an uncle involved in sex trafficking & rape?

Harry isn’t going to get a job like the rest of us, the old 9 to 5 routine. Don’t take him for a fool. He isn’t going to get carried away with this proletarian thing & he isn’t going to cut the trust fund out of his life. Feudal class upbringing is a cult upbringing & our hapless Harry has never shown the rebellion or spirit required to break from that. Or do we forget his blackface & Nazi uniform escapades?