Without getting into the disputes about how ISIS came into formation & grew to such colossal importance, we should keep foremost in mind that it could not exist without arms supplies from those countries denouncing it. The Pentagon reported that one-billion dollars worth of US arms accidentally fell into ISIS control. Weapons from the US, UK, Russia, China, Germany, India, & France have provided ISIS with a substantial & lethal arsenal.

They exaggerate the dominance of ISIS, not because it isn’t a dangerous, fascistic military force but because if they want to destroy them, they need only stop the flow of arms. The US alone has thousands of troops, naval fleets, military bases in the Middle East & they can’t obstruct the movement of weapons to ISIS? Syria & Russia are bombing the crap out of Syria & Irani ground militias are prowling the country & even combined they cant stop the flow of arms to ISIS?

The most dangerous terrorist forces in the Middle East are US-NATO ground, air, & naval forces; Russian, Syrian, & Saudi-coalition ground & air forces; Iranian & Lebanese ground militias; Israeli air forces. It’s a deft propaganda strategy to shift the threat to ISIS in order to justify military intervention. ISIS is certainly fascistic & dangerous but it will fall like a feather when its weapons supply trail is cut off by the defeat of US-NATO, Russian, Iranian, Lebanese, & Israeli militarism in the Middle East.