Many are claiming the decision to assassinate General Suleimani was an electoral stunt or a ploy on Trump’s part to deflect attention from his impeachment. He is entirely self-serving & venal but he is the front guy for American capitalism, a massive system with political, economic, & military entanglements all over the world. He speaks for a section of the capitalist class who stroke his ego & manipulate his vanities to accomplish their goals. According to reputable reports, the proposal to assassinate Suleimani originated in the Pentagon, not Trump’s inner circle of halfwits like Kelly Conway or Steve Miller. The capitalists yanking Trump’s strings & their think tank advisers (including Kissinger) are reckless but they would not allow Trump’s perversities to jeopardize their long-term strategies in the Middle East or anywhere else. US political & military policy is not personal according to which president is in office. That’s a delusion that pumps life into the corruption of lesser evil politics.